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Finally I made available an automatic newsletter that gets sent to the subscribers that will to receive a digest with the new content made available in the site for the last week.

The site contributions have increased so much in the latest times that many people that it was making a lot of the subscribers requests request for digest newsletter, so they don't have to put up with so many alert messages.

The newsletter will be delivered in HTML format by default but you may change that in your user options page. There is a plain text alternative format. Despite the plain text version is not yet available, you may choose it now and when it is ready you will start receiving in plain text instead of HTML.

You may also choose the weekday that you prefer to receive the newsletter message. This option was made available not only to suite your conviniences but also to balance the load of the mailing system over the week. So, the newsletter delivery day was automatically picked for each use in such way that each day of the week an equal number of users of the other day.

You may want to go in the user options page and choose a different newsletter delivery day if the one that was picked for you is not suitable. You may also request to receive the newsletter every week day.

For now, the newsletter will just contain the latest class entries approved for publication in the site. Later other content items will be made available like changes in existing classes, new book reviews, new articles and also the top charts.

It may take a few days until you start receiving the first newsletter. Meanwhile, a preview of each day newsletter is available here:

As always, I am available for comments and suggestions. You may contact me sending a message to or meet me live in channel #phpclasses of Open Projects IRC network (

Since some subscribers have resetted all their notification options because of the excess of alert message they were receiving, they will not receive this announcement. If you know of anybody in that circumstance that would be interested in the newsletter, please let them know forwarding this message so they can start getting the site newsletter as well.

Thank you, Manuel Lemos


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