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Class: Wordpress Secure Headers Helper
Send HTTP headers that implement security measures
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WP Secure Headers Helper

A simple helper class to manage HTTP Security Headers made available when a website is under any SSL certificate. Unfortunately, many plugins are used to configure SSL, but miss the more elaborated part of it - include secure headers to requests. This class aims to offer a simple interface to set up those - bringing predefined headers adequate for most WP websites, but also enabling the coder to set or alter any header - and that may include customized HTTP headers as well.


As we prefer, this library can be installed using Composer

composer require carloswph/wp-secure-headers.

Alternatively, you can just copy the class inside the src folder and use it in your plugin or theme.


The class WPH\Security\Headers inserts secure headers for Wordpress. Having that said, it already comes with some basic headers, which can be seen by using the static method wPH\Security\Headers::list(). In the future, we intend to build some chained methods to allow configuring in detail two specific headers: Content-Security-Policy and Permissions-Policy. For the moment, both can be added to class instance through the set() method.

Using with Composer

use WPH\Security\Headers;

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$sec_headers = new Headers();
$sec_headers->set('Content-Security-Policy', 'connect-src "self"'); // Add new headers to the class array property.

Content Security Policy

Since version 1.2.0, this library has an additional class, which can be passed as argument through the main class and adds the Content-Security-Policy header after being configured with dozens of chain methods. An example:

use WPH\Security\Headers;
use WPH\Security\ContentSecurityPolicy

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$csp = new ContentSecurityPolicy();

$sec_headers = new Headers($csp); // Adds the Content-Security-Policy to the headers pool, with all set parameters

Besides all methods to the configure the various Content-Security-Policy directives individually, this additional class also has a method ReportOnly(), which indicates the main class that the header shall be set as Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only instead. All documentation and info about this complex header can be found inside the class docblock comments.


  • Methods to setup and configure Permissions Policy headers
  • Some cookie managing tools