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Cross site compatibility

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Subject:Cross site compatibility
Summary:TL;DR: Not bad! but some stuff needs to be fixed.
Author:David van der Sluis
Date:2010-03-31 07:43:26
Update:2010-03-31 07:54:46


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Picture of David van der Sluis David van der Sluis - 2010-03-31 07:54:46
The color scheme is not too bad. Looks a bit like twitter, but I like the overall idea.

A big downer is the difference between IE en Firefox. Yeah yeah I know: IE is not cooperating with the css standards...

The outlining is bad, and several components appear far to the right in Firefox, while the menu is badly placed in IE.
Even this reply box is on the far right in FF.

Fix it, and it's 40 times better then the old design.