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Has potential.

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Subject:Has potential.
Summary:Package rating comment
Author:F Philip DeGeorge
Date:2009-06-14 18:52:37

F Philip DeGeorge rated this package as follows:

Utility: Not sure
Consistency: Good
Examples: Insufficient

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Picture of F Philip DeGeorge F Philip DeGeorge - 2009-06-14 18:52:37
Has potential. But... did not run as provided. Three separate errors I fixed, before I could see the example form. It does produce a fairly nice output, but is extremely limited in flexibility. The example is fairly poor (for example: providing a short, single line text box for what is presumably email text is not good practice).

Short version: there are better form generators on this site already. Keep working on it, though. It's got some good stuff; just needs more development.

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